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When you meet someone for the first time you notice the way they dress, their body, their face's beauty, their hair, height... Basically their appearance is the first thing we see of a person even before they say a word. It's normal because we don't know at first how their personality is. So, we only see their physical appearance and we don't know anything about them. In that point, some people ask: should we focus on the physical appearance over they personality? Or their personality over their appearance? 

We live in a society where physical appearance is very important. Also, our idea of beauty may be a bit unconsciously marked by the media: Internet, television, magazines... Although we all have an own pont of beauty, most of the people have quite the same idea, which is the one that says the media. For example, the prototype of the perfect women nowadays is slim, tall but with boobs and butt. Of course, not every men and women think the same but that's. 

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Also, we took as an example the celebrities; a lot of celebrities are recognized as being "the most beautiful people in the worlk" like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Emma Watson... And there are lists that rank the celebrities based only on their looks. All of this tells us that appearance is most important so some people have a tendency to be very superficial.

Talking about love, when you are searching for your "soul mate", a good personality should definitely be at the top of your list. Of course you would like to have a partner that you are physically attracted to. But you shouldn't be in a relationship with somebody only becaue of their look. Remember that the outside beauty doesn't last forever; the inner beauty does.

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But though all I think that both of them are important. I think that a part from having a good personality it's such an important thing to feeel attracted to you partner. So when we first see a person it's good to be attracted by the physical appearance but then when we start to talk and know each other we finally decide if we like their personality and we want to have a relationship with them or if not. 

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