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REVIEW: "Gap Year"

Resultado de imagen de gap year seriesIn class we have watched the first episode of the series Gap Year. It is a British comedy-drama series about the adventures of a group of backpackers taking a trip through Asia. 
The first episode talks about Dylan and his old mate Sean, taking a Gap Year. At first, Sean thinks they are on vacation to escape from their life in the UK, though he totally preferred going to Thailand Dylan convinced him to go to China. But soon, he discovers that Dylan has booked the whole thing to get back with his ex-girlfriend, Lauren.

 Before finding Lauren, they meet the Americans, Ashley, Greg and May in toilets in Beijing. May has been sent to China by her mother to explore her Asian roots with the company of Ashley. Greg, who is English, travels with the girls just because he wants to protect them, but May doesn't like him. Dylan forgets his and Sean's money at the toilets, which Greg finds. Ashley, Greg and May initially take the money and begin spending it before unexpectedly finding Dylan and Sean again to return the money. They join together and head to a festival at the Great Wall of China. There they accidentally they enter into a fight and Sean scapes running and he gets lost and doesn't know how to return to the group because he has no phone and he is completely lost. Meanwhile, Dylan met Lauren at the party, but they didn't end well because Dylan was worried about Sean. 

Finally, the episode ends with Sean getting into the car of the person he fought with on the festival. But then it was too late and he wasn't able to get off the car.  

In my opinion the Gap Year series tries to show people that traveling is not as great and easy as we think it is. Going on an adventure as backpacking is very dangerous and also not as fun as we think. As we can see in this series they have some problems as losing their money, getting into a fight, also being lost or with bad company. Dylan and Sean were not happy because Sean wanted to travel to Thailand and Dylan because he understands that he has wasted a good opportunity to travel with his best friend but he decided to focus on his ex-girlfriend. Also, we can see that May is not happy with his mothers intention of discovering more of the Asian people and culture because Chinese people doesn't like her for being American and not speaking Chinese. 

Resultado de imagen de gap year series

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