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There are many advantages about taking a Gap Year but also there are some disadvantages that we have to consider if we are planing to have a year off. 

When you travel outside of your country you learn many things. First of all you learn how to move all around the world which is very important when you grow up and you start living your live by your own. Apart from this, you will learn many things depending on what trip you choose. You can focus on a particular activity as a sport or just find a work or volunteer on some research... There are many possibilities depending on your personal likes. 

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Another advantage is that when you travel to another country you've never been before you learn a lot about their culture, their language and their  activities. And finaly you will meet many new people and make new friends for life because you will experence many things together. 

But though there are many things you  will have to go through while you are on this new country. One is that you will be away from your family for a long time and sometimes it is hard. Also, you have to be very extroverted because you will have to meet need people. And finally, because depending on the trip you choose it could be dangerous so you have to plan a little bit the places you're going to stay at night also discover with whom you are going to stay and the activities you are going to do.

So my final conclusion is that I would take a Gap Year because it is a great oportunity to learn many things and also because it isn't very expensive depending of what trip you take because while you make many activities you can work on something. 

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