miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2015


Acording to the test we took of Multiple Intelligences I am very good at logical and musical. I agree because my strong point are maths and I really enjoy playing or listening to music. It said that I am good at naturalistic too, which I totally agree because I love the outdoors and the animals. About the results of intrapersonal it's true because I am pretty independent and I find it easy to learn and think by my own. I agree with the results of kinaesthetic but about the visual/artistics intelligence I think it's a bit too much because drawing or paiting are not my favourite hobbies but actually I am very observant and I have a good sense of direction. Acording to the test my weak points are intrapersonal which I quite agree and linguistic intelligence which I don't agree because I really enjoy reading and I love lenguages but the thing is that I don't like talking in front of so many people.

This is the grafic of my results: 

miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2015


  • In the English class we took a test to know what animal is inside us. When I answered all the questions it said: 

  • You are a Beaver!

  • The beavers are the workaholics of the animal world. No animal personality places more emphasis, nor derives more self-esteem than beavers do from thair carrer. I agree that I am self-esteem to what I do and I am a hard-working person but maybe being a workaholics doesn't define me very well. The test also said that I am reliable, ethical and judgemental. I agree with reliable because I am a very dependable person and responsable. I agree with ethical too, because I think I am honest and loyal. I don't agree with judgemental because before judging a person I prefer to know more about them than just how do they look like.  

  • The test has guessed that my careers would be: 

  • Engineer, naval officer, manager or a judge. I like the idea of being a engineer but I don't think I am gonna study to become a judge, manager or naval officer.

  • And it also guessed that my hobbies would be:

  • Gardening, woodworking, collecting or sewing. But I don't like anyone of these.

  • lunes, 19 de octubre de 2015


    My heroes are my parents.

    My father is Valentí and he is 49 years old. When he was little he wanted to be an engineer and he was very smart but he couldn't study university because at those times my family had no money to pay it so he worked as a farmer and with my grandfather's business of constructions. He is very hard-working, clever and a very happy person.

    My mother is Silvia and she is 46 years old. She is from Fortià and she works as a secretary. She loves children and when I was little she always took care of me and helped me with my homework. She loves cooking for us and at her free time she does cross stitch. She is a very responsable person but she is also very funny.

    They are my heroes because they are the ones i look up to and I want to learn from. I love them and when I grew up I want to be as smart, happy, and lovely as them.

    martes, 6 de octubre de 2015


    I have so many dreams like travel all around the world, learn to surf, live in New York for a while... But my biggest dreams is to become a vet since I was little. I can't imagine my future unrelated to animals.
    There are a couple of reasons why being a vet is something that I really want to do: my love for animals, my interest in medicine, and my love for helping because I think that veterinarians help not only animals, they also help humans.

    To realize that dream I will have to study a lot and for a long time. I will have to work hard and go to the university, and also get money to pay it. But studying will be ok if I like it and about going to the university, I will have to end high school first, and earn money to pay it.

    Becoming a vet will be hard sometimes. I will have to be ambitious, motivated, and quick learner. But I can do it even if it's difficult because it's my dream and I really want to.

    I have the feeling that I would be one of the people in this world who loves their job.