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Many people say that Christmas is a materialistic holiday, that it is driven by commercialism and that it's not worth keeping Christmas anymore. 

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In my opinion, it is obvious that companies are taking advantage of this time of the year when they can sell much more products because people buy many presents. But I don't think that we should stop celebrating Christmas because of it. 

For me, the most important part of Christmas is that we are able to stay home with our family and spend time together doing things that we enjoy, like decorating the house, putting up and decorating the christmas tree, baking cookies... I really do enjoy those moments as many people does too. 

My opinion about the presents is that it is true that many people is driven by consumerism because at this time of the year they buy a lot of not necessary things. It is also true that we could celebrate Christmas without presents and then we will finish with this intense commercialism, but I think that in this time of the year we really love giving presents to the ones we love and seeing them happy for it. 

And it is also true that we could just do these things every day, meeting with family, giving presents, decorating the house or just baking, so maybe Christmas is not necessary, but I think that it is special because, first of all, we don't have many free days and it's hard to organize a day when all the family can meet, and second because it is beautiful to wait all year for Christmas, to be able to do things like I said, or just to see all the streets decorated with lights and go shopping with your family. So I think that what makes it special and beautiful is that it's just a day of the year and it is the perfect excuse spending time with family, and that's why I think that Christmas is worth keeping. 

Resultado de imagen de christmas tumblr

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