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Nowadays, we are so familiarized with tecnology. That's why many people are starting to read books through a screen using eBooks and not how it has traditionaly been made. 

Personally, I prefer reading books, because I'm always using moviles, computers... And when I'm reading I like to disconnect of all. Also, because I like having the book to turn the pages, smell the odor of the book... But let's see the advantages and disadvantages of reading a book and reading an eBook. 

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The advantages of books are that they don't need energy to run so you don't have to read it at home plugged and you can take it everywhere you want. Also you can feel the book like I've said and if you have the oportunity, the writer can sign your book.

The disadvantages are that it is more expensive than an eBook and it takes up more space.

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On the other hand, the advantages of eBooks are that you can have all the books you want in the eBook, because it doesn't taked much space and also because it's cheaper than a book in paper. 

Also because it is easy to carry the eBook,  it doesn't weights too much. Finally, you don't have to move or wait to but a book you can buy it instantatly and if you need it, you can also search the definition on the eBook because some bring an incorpored dictionary. 

But the disadvantages are that eBooks need Internet to buy books and you also have to charge the battery which can ends at any time. Though you can have many books in your eBook, some don't have a digital verions of it. And the most important is that it exhausts your eyes.

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