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A 28 years old man named Cai, decided to paint some additional arrows on the road in order to avoid his morning extreme commute because he was tired to frequently got caught up in the same intersection of the city of Lianyungang.

He just brought white paint, a brush and a ruler and he painted an arrow directing cars to go straight in a line reserved for left-hand turns. He did this because the straight line was always full of cars while the line that turns left was empty, so he tried to change the signs to try to speed the commute. 

But after security saw what happened through cameras, Cai wa caught and he admitted to the painting. He was fined with $200 because his actions were very dangerouse and he could have caused a collision.

The Chinese broadcaster CGTN posted a video to YouTube of Cai painting the road. He is wearing a red jacket and he is painting the straight arrow as cars, buses and trucks speed past next to him, and occasionally he moves out of the road to let pass the vehicles who hare driving on the line he is painting. 
Also, the footage shows whe the police caught up with Cai. And later in the video, we can see as traffic workers arrive at the intersection to repaint it to the original arrow. 


My opinion about this is that the man shouldn't have done this because it is very dangerous. The third lane can't go straight. That's why the arrows say to go only left or to turn back. If you look, there are only two lanes past the intersection, so making the third lane into another straight lane would result in the lanes converging inside the intersection rather than before the intersection. If someone went straight in the third line it would have been a disaster and it would have ended with an accident. 

The reason why Cai painted the road wasn't to make it more efficient or safer, but rather he was selfish and wanted to make his commute faster at the expense of other people's safety. 

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